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Finding great opportunities can feel like a maze. Our smart algorithm helps lead the way. It allows us to match your Unique Talent Code to Opportunities that fit you best. Creating communities of opportunity.
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Find Talents

Good ideas die mainly because of loneliness. Finding the right people to grow your idea can be a nightmare. Our platform helps you find potential team members with the same goals. We will match your Opportunity with Talents that have the best mix of Drivers, Passions and Skills. No need to waste time in endless profile searches; we can identify the optimum team members based on your specific needs. Take 3 minutes to complete your registration and give your idea a chance to grow!
START Code your IDEA Define your TEAM Select matching TALENTS Get in TOUCH START collaborating
START Code your IDEA Define your TEAM Get in TOUCH Select matching TALENTS START collaborating

New services, coming soon!

We are working hard on digitalising the services described below. If you would like to activate any of these services today, contact We will be happy to have a conversation with you and see how we can help.

Find professional advice

Find trustworthy business partners that understand your vision and your current situation. Find an experienced advisor to structure and realise your growth plans.

Tune the Team

Winning teams are made of people that improve their collaboration every day. With our coding, assessment and coaching services you will be able to do this effectively.

Join an Archipelago

Connect with other Opportunity Owners with complementary ideas that have synergies with yours. Share knowledge and experience in a wider network!