About us

We believe in collaboration to shape the future

Our vision is to help people navigate the future of work, where entrepreneurship and human talent are at the heart! Our ambition is simple; enable this powerful transformation by equipping persons and teams with the tools to realise their ideas.

Background information

Unique Talent Code

We have developed our own definition of talent to serve our specific purpose and create the algorithm that matches our users with the best fitting Ideas. If you want to find out more about our Unique Talent Code, and what Drivers, Passions and Skills mean to us, you can read a summary of our background studies.


Our team turns diversity into reality

Our team has a rich variety of backgrounds in terms of culture and education. We have different professional paths and cumulate over 100 years of diverse work experience. Our focus today is Europe, but tomorrow…

Linda van Andel

(team builder)

I have a passion for connecting ideas and people. This mix of interests has fostered my curiosity for the new, for the different, for the unusual. My European background has given me the wings to explore many different jobs in different places. This way I now have a broad base of experience and skills, some very business, but mostly related to the behaviour of people in teams.

Femke Ohm

(talent architect)

As a social psychologist, my biggest passions are Talent development and group dynamics in teams. I have been working since 1999 as a trainer for different organizations and I have identified the key factors for successful collaboration in teams. Guiding people to become self aware and grow their Talent is exactly what makes me happy.

Jonathan Ambrogi

(multiculture talent)

I am interested in internationalization and multiculturality. I am a motivated travelling University student, I love the exposure to different languages and cultures and I am passionate about personal Talent growth in a multinational context. Today I am also exploring South Amerca’s talents.

Fabrizio Gramuglio

(IT talent)

I am passionate about technology and how the technology can create positive impacts on the society: both locally and globally. Connecting Talents offers people the ability to discover their Talents and to became entrepreneurs of themselves, to develop their Passions, and it offers me a perfect example of combining positive impact & passions.

Stephen Welch

(communication talent)

I love seeing people grow and develop new Talents they didn’t know they had, especially when they access new opportunities as a result. I work in the liminal space between HR and Communications, helping individuals and companies get their message across in a compelling way. I like seeking out new challenges and new experiences, and to take a chance.

Yari Cartoni

(IT Talent)

I am passionate about solving problems and how technlogy can help finding smart and quick solutions.

Members of our Archipelago

Ivan Volianik

Ludovico Pincini

Simone Chiani

Stefano Barzaghi

Giorgio Manfredi

Laura Buddensieg