You can use this timeline to track the main activities on this platform. When you complete an activity the corresponding box will show as activated. You can access the different sections by clicking on the buttons in the activity box. The yellow boxes show the Talent Discovery services, the magenta boxes show the Talent Sharing/Opportunity Growing possibilities. Enjoy the navigation!

Discover your talents

Find out what gives you energy at work and understand the special contributions that you make within a team. Take a look at this video to discover our platform and have fun doing the Unique Talent Coding tests.

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Start your talent discovery with an easy registration, this will allow you to play our free card game. Click the button below

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Choose your strongest talents and discover something about your inner drivers in a fun way. You can share results of the game on Social Networks Social Networks

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Discover your Drivers

Take the first step to understand what drives you at work; start with the Basic UTC (= Unique Talent Code)

Read about your main Driver

Read the Basic UTC Report to understand more about your Drivers

Give feedback on the basic test

We would like to have your feedback on the Basic UTC Report. This is key to help us improve!

Discover your Unique Talent Code

To get a better understanding of your Talents - including Drivers, Passions and Skills - complete the Full UTC.

Get your full UTC report

Congratulations! Now you can discover your personal talent portfolio (including Passions and Skills) and get tips to develop yourself professionally.

Give feedback on the full UTC test

You will receive a notification asking for your feedback on the Full UTC Report. This is key to help us improve!

Understand your UTC

Go to your personal page icon on the top bar and click on “assessment” or “coaching” in the deepdive section. Here you can request contact with one of our coaches.

Talents meet Opportunities

On the sharing platform you can join Opportunities that fit your UTC, as suggested by our matching algorithm. Or, you can share your idea as an Opportunity and find matching Talents to collaborate with.

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Join the sharing platform

By adding your consent and motivation to your personal data you can access the sharing platform where Talents meet Opportunities


Choose your Opportunity

Select from “My Matching Opportunities” on your personal page those which you find most interesting. Updated every 24h!

Check your Pending Opportunities

Check in “My Pending Opportunities” on your personal page if your Request to Join certain Opportunities have been accepted

Check your Running Opportunities

Go to "My Running Opportunities" to enter the teams where you have been invited or accepted as a member.

Share your own idea

The first step to create and share your own opportunity is to describe it in a few fast and easy steps.

Wait for approval

Our team is reviewing your inserted opportunity. You will receive an email and notification. You can verify the status here

You are an Opportunity Owner!

Your opportunity has been approved. Take a look at “My Running Opportunities” on your personal page

Find matching Talents

Invite the best matching talents to your Opportunity. Fill in our step by step Talent Need Definition to define what are you looking for

Invite matched talent

Check the daily ranking of matching Talents and invite the right ones to your Opportunity
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