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You are a Talent. You might have difficulty defining what that means. You probably have heard people around you use the concept of talent. We believe Talent is that mix of inner strengths that makes us unique. It is not just about your capabilities and degrees; it is about what drives you and it clearly shows in your passions.

Your Talent is:

Our Unique Talent Coding system (UTC) allows you to discover what really shapes your decisions and points towards what engages you at work.

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Which is your Driver

Your driver relates to the innermost source of motivation. It shows in those things you do most naturally, that give you a profound satisfaction.


Water is eager to work in a team with other persons and feels happy when helping others and creating a good atmosphere around. With good listening and communication Water is an appreciated team member for the support to others.


Earth likes practical action and working with your hands, getting things done, preferably in a structured way. In a team the EARTH driver often guarantees that agreed actions are executed.


FIRE likes a fast paced environment, a competitive atmosphere, setting challenging goals gives and taking decisions. In a team setting, FIRE makes sure that the focus stays on the results to be reached.


Air likes the possibility to solve complex problems, autonomy and organising your own work agenda as well as tasks that involve investigating. You have a strong potential for creativity so Air can contribute substantially to brainstorming sessions.
By understanding your unique talent you can increase your opportunities and take ownership of your future.

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